Hitler Was Able to Become Chancellor of Germany Mainly Because of the Wall Street Crash. Do You Agree?

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When the Wall Street Crash happened in America in the October of 1929, the German economy heavily reliant on the USA was hit hard, and was one of the reasons why support for the central migrated to either left or right wing parties, however a number of different factors also have to be to blame for the arrival of Hitler becoming Chancellor. The American loans from the Young and Dawes plan were recalled, and American bank investment dried out, causing businesses to shut down, and therefore the number of unemployed and homeless rising, and so trade slumped, and the German people relied on charity. The inadequacy of the government was highlighted at the time because of the economic downfall; the government, headed by Hindenburg, decided to: raise taxes, reduce the wages of public officials, and reduced the unemployment benefits, and although for the long term these were good moves, the German people were not happy. The Germans were interested in having a strong leader, Stresemann after the abolishion of the monarchy fitted that role, however after his death in 1929, the people were not satisfied by who Hindenburg’s choices of Chancellors. Hindenburg first appointed Karl von Papen as Chancellor, but then replaced him with Schleicher, the two Chancellors had relative short stays, and did not have a lot of support from the people. The Nazi parties fan base grew as more people turned to extremist views. Goebbels who understood the need to publicize the Nazi party, organized propaganda campaigns such as posters, radio broadcasts and mass rallies around Germany, and soon the Nazi party had over 100 dedicated newspapers. The Nazi party was greatly helped by Adolf Hitler’s strong charisma during his speeches, he was decisive, stubborn and nationalist. The German’s began to see him as a potentially strong leader of a party with policies many Germans
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