Hitler And Nazism Essay

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I. Hitler and Nazism in Germany A. The roots of Nazism 1. German Nazism was a product of Hitler, of Germany's social and political crisis, and the general attack on liberalism and rationality. 2. Hitler was born in Austria, was a school dropout, and was rejected by the Imperial art school. 3. Hitler became a fanatical nationalist while in Vienna, where he absorbed antiSemitic and racist ideas. 4. He adopted the ideas of some fanatical Christians (e.g., Lueger) that capitalism and liberalism resulted in excessive individualism. 5. He became obsessed with antiSemitism and racism, and believed that Jews and Marxists lost the First World War for Germany. a. He believed in a JewishMarxist plot to destroy German culture. 6. By 1921, he had reshaped the tiny extremist German Workers' group into the Nazi party, using the mass rally as a particularly effective tool of propaganda. b. The party grew rapidly. c. Hitler and the party attempted to overthrow the Weimar government, but he was defeated and sent to jail (1923). B. Hitler's road to power 7. The trial after Hitler's attempted coup brought him much publicity, but the Nazi party remained small until 1929. 8. Written in jail, his autobiography, Mein Kampf, was an outline of his desire to achieve German racial supremacy and domination of Europe, under the leadership of a dictator (Führer). 9. The depression made the Nazi party attractive to the lower middle class, who were seized by panic as unemployment soared and Communists made election gains. d. By late 1932, some 43 percent of the labor force was unemployed. e. Hitler favored government programs to bring about economic recovery. 10. By 1932, the Nazi party was the largest in the

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