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Well, at 12.50P.M., 65 years ago a brave group of officers planned a coup to put an end to a savage and bloody war that had cost the lives of millions of innocent people. Claus Graf von Stauffenberg bravely smuggled 2 packages of explosives in to the Hitlers headquarters in Rastenburg, East Prussia. However, being disturbed he and his Aide had only time to set one time-delay fuse before being called in to the daily situation briefing. So only one bomb was primed. In addition, the briefcase containing the bomb had been moved to the wrong side of a solid oak supporting trestle, on the far side away from Hitler. The ensuing detonation killed some officers and badly wounded others, but the prime target survived, with minor injuries, including a perforated eradrum and lacerated legs. Over 500 officers and their immediate families were executed within hours of the plot being uncovered. A great pity that the fifth and final attempt on Hitler's life ended in failure. As history shows, the next 9 months saw more deaths than in the entire period of war prior to that. Hitler never trusted the professional army officers. His insecurites came about because of the poor generalship in World War I that killed millions of German soldiers. He was always worried that the Army would attempt a assaination on his life, and try to take over the government. In 1934, as a result of the Night of Long Knives, he removed the SA, essentially a gang of thugs that had brought him to power, and killed their leader, Ernst Rohm. In exchange for removing the SA, the Army signed an oath of allegiance to Hitler. As the losses mounted in late 1943 and early 1944, Hitler replaced or forced many generals into retirement and the Army high Command, except for those officers in Hitler’s personal orbit, grew openly critical of his constant worryes Oberst Claus Schenk, Count von Stauffenberg lost his

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