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Hitler: Stab in the back-Legend? 1.) The stab in the back legend was a lie spread, which believed that Germany did not loose in WW1 but was betrayed by its own civilians. Especially the democrats were portrayed as the guilty ones, because they overthrew monarchy. On November 11, 1918 German government officials were denounced and called the “Novemberverbrecher” since they signed the armistice. 2.) Origin: -Primary Source, which was published in a secondary source - Benjamin Ziemann, War Experiences in Rural Germany, 1914-1923. Alex Skinner… (New York: Berg 2007) -Letters soldiers (from the rural area in Bavaria) to his wife or sisters ent during WW1 -1. Letter 17 April 1917 / 2. letter 28. September 1917 Purpose Sister | Wife | -To tell sister how miserable the situation is during war: No food, rations are being cut etc.-Soldiers would be excited if war ended soon because it does not lead to anything -Is complaining about the government, who let them do the “dirty work”- Tells her that they got smarter and wont let them be treated like this anymore | - Wants peace is not up to fighting anymore -Hope that the pope will act as an intermediary -Does not like the government Both sources present that the soldiers were unhappy with the orders from their military. They wanted the war to be ended since they noticed it did not lead to anything. | 3.) Value: -The value is high in terms of learning how the soldiers themselves felt about the war - You learn that they were very critical themselves with the military and just wanted war to end Limitations: -Single sided view only the opinion of the two soldiers is presented -Were they themselves Democrats or Communists? 4.) Inaccurate Pro | Con | -The soldiers suffered under a lack of provision (l.1) -Many soldiers were annoyed becuase of the forth and back of the

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