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In a small town of Braunau, Austria, Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889. Alois Hitler, fifty-two years old, and Klara Hitler, twenty-eight years old, were Adolf’s parents. Both were second cousins with one another. Adolf was one of seven children however only 4 made it to maturity. His father, Alois, did not have a good reputation when it came down to women. At the age of thirty- six, he had a daughter to a widow before his marriage, who then he married later soon after. Seven years later, the lady filed for divorce after unwillingly finding out that her husband was having an affair with a 19 year old. This young girl was the maid in the hotel that Alois and his sick wife were living. The year after his wife passed away and his mistress was pregnant. The next year the young mistress died, qualifying Alois to marry his daughter’s nanny. Klara Polzl was her name and she was twenty-three years younger than Alois. After forming a relationship Klara became pregnant with Adolf Hitler. Alois had a very short temper and would solve all his problems with violence. He would beat Hitler with a whip until he would almost lose consciousness. At the age of eleven, Hitler read an adventure book, which whom exclaimed, “those who are truly brave experience pain without flinching.” He then came to the conclusion that he will never weap whenever Alois would beat him. Eventually, seeing that Adolf wouldn’t have emotion when getting beaten, Alois stopped and never beat Adolf again. Pleural hemorrhage cause the death of Alois Hitler at the age of sixty-five. Nevertheless, Alois left with a horrible influence on his son that wanted then to take revenge on the world and hunt for an enemy to destroy. In elementary school Adolf was a smart and well-liked student. He received excellent grades and was very religious. He even considered becoming a monk once.

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