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Harley Clement PPE 3003C Participation #3 Inside the Mind of Hitler Adolf Hitler was born into a very unstable family in humble circumstances. His father, a drunk, was physically abusive to both Adolf’s mother and the children themselves. His mother was overprotective of the frail, weak child, after the death of three of her other children. The attentive, caring behavior set forth by Adolf’s mother developed an unusual mutual relationship between the two, as reported by the family doctor. Because of this broken family dynamic, Adolf developed an Oedipus complex. His infantile sexual feelings towards his mother were thwarted by the Castration complex he received from fear of genital injury by his father. Growing up, Hitler was given no pattern for normal behavior and had no role models in his life. Stated in the psychological profile of Adolf Hitler, his mother was obsessively cleanly. According to Freudian psychology this could have contributed indirectly to Hitler’s sadistic character. Complications with the toilet training stage led Hitler to be anal retentive, forming the basis for feelings of hostility and frustration. In Freudian psychology, this stage of development also has an impact on the person’s genital stage later in development. As an adult Hitler is believed to never have been intimate with his lover. What is known of Hitler’s sexual desires proves he was a perverse, troubled individual who was sexually stimulated by humiliation and deprecation. This was illustrated by his relationship with his niece, Geli. Although the pair was never intimate, Geli did recount having to do “performances” for Adolf. These performances included undressing and urinating on Hitler from which he reached his sexual climax. Geli’s stories further tell the story of Hitler as a desperately weak and afraid man whose outward appearance was merely a cover for

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