Hit Em With The Choppa Essay

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Conclusion: Calculating Consequences described the account of trial from which Oliver North lied in order to protect more human lives. He valued life over lies which overall led to his conviction. Oliver is happy with the decision he made to save those certain individuals. He follows the beliefs of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is the belief that whatever affects the most people in a positive way with the least amount of pain or hurt are the best options to go with. Utilitarian’s would agree that Oliver’s choice was a choice in the best interest of the community. He “sacrificed” one life to save many others. Jeremy Bentham was an early 19th century Utilitarian who thought that whatever benefits the most people in England should be the laws of the land. John Stuart Mill, a 19th century utilitarian, described utilitarianism with intensity of pain and pleasure. This was uncommon compared to the normal explanation of utilitarianism being compared in terms of personal wants and monetary costs. Rule Utilitarian’s choose the act that has the best consequences. They like to promote the question, “What effect would everyone’s doing this kind of action have on the general balance of good over evil?” They feel that the truth promotes the good of everyone and they are known for following the quote, “always tell the truth”. Utilitarianism does have problems that come with the idea. This way of thinking requires that we assign values to benefits and harms resulting from our actions and compare them with benefits and harms that result from other actions, Fails to take in account considerations of justice, and can’t be the sole principle in decision making. However Utilitarianism can be a key in helping deciding what should and shouldn’t be

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