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In today’s classrooms, history is explained using America as the center. As Americans we are taught that the uniqueness our history connects us to a sense of superiority among all other nations in the world. Since the time when America was first discovered, we have been incorrectly informed on the events that occurred during that historical period. Americans view the discovery or their land as all about becoming a free, independent nation, they believe our Revolution and Civil War were unique from any others in history, we view ourselves as a nation and not an empire, and we believe we were the foundation of industrialism and liberalism. All of these historical beliefs are inaccurate. In order to get a true sense of the history of ones own nation, it is necessary to look at what is happening in other parts of the world during the same time as your own historical events. Thomas Bender’s A Nation Among Nations lays out all of those historical events and views them from a world context to find a more in depth, accurate perspective. America’s discovery is put in terms or a larger, Oceanic Revolution, The American Revolutionary and Civil War and Industrialization have a worldwide connection, and America looks for like an empire than a nation. Using these arguments and putting America in a global context, I will show that out understanding of American history can be rewritten. The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus in 1492 marked the beginning of European “invasion of America” (Bender pp. 15). If you look at this event in terms of time, this can be a complete story. By looking at this event in terms of space, we can see the larger global picture of an Oceanic Revolution. At the time, empires were strictly land based. Parts of the world were connected through the Indian Ocean Trade route, mainly because this was the only ocean that was known. The discovery of a
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