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Pg.33) By 1957 the civil rights movement had made real progress in integrating schools. How far do the sources support this statement? Use details from Sources A-D and your own knowledge to support your answer. (16 marks) Sources A-D all disagree with this statement to some extent, because they all portray the image that black people weren’t accepted in a white person’s society, despite the Civil Rights Movement going on around them. Source C, however, does support this statement marginally. Source A is part of an interview with Elizabeth Eckford in 1962. This is a contemporary source and creates an image of the time in the minds of the audience. The source doesn’t support the statement made because Eckford explains that the white students treated the Little Rock Nine as though they didn’t exist. However, she also tells us that only a small group of the others bothered us every day. This implies that the white students were not accepting of the desegregation ruling made by the Supreme Court. Was this also the way white people treated the Civil Rights Movement? In 1896 the Plessy v. Ferguson case produced the ruling that ‘facilities, education and transport could be separated as long as they were separate but equal.’ The Little Rock Nine were not treated as equals amongst the other students, as only nine out the 75 who registered for admission got a place at the school. This source also states that even Eckford’s father was abused by the mobs and when she was collected from school her father was greeted by a hoard of white students shouting their abuse at him and his daughter. White students even abused black adults. This source doesn’t support the statement because it clearly shows that the Civil Rights Movement was making very little progress in the southern states in 1957, when Eckford began at Central High School, especially amongst white people at

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