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Review Sheet #2/ History 1310/Monday class 1. What issue led to the beginning of the French and Indian War? How were France and Virginia involved? How was the beginning of this war different from the other imperial wars we covered (you do not need to know anything about those wars except how their origins were different). Where did the fighting begin and why?). Why was Virginia governor Dinwiddie so worried about the French presence in this area? 2. What role did Washington play in the war? In class I mentioned that Washington wanted to be appointed to a certain job or position—and how this was related to his desire for service in the war. What was the job he wanted? 3. How did William Pitt view the war? What, in his mind, was the most important thing to be gained in the war? What means did he use to achieve his goals? And why were the British able to achieve those goals? 4. How did the settlement—Treaty of Paris of 1763—change the map of North America? 5. What was Pontiac’s Revolt and how was it related to the Proclamation Line of 1763? Why did the British government establish the Proclamation Line? What did they envision happening on the west side of that line? (Hint: The middle ground served as a model for them). How and why were some colonists angry by this new law? 6. What was the Sugar Act? Did it raise taxes on imported sugar? How did Grenville enforce the law? 7. Know all I said about the Stamp Act and Declaratory At. 8. Were the colonists represented in Parliament? According to Parliament they were. What then, was “Virtual Representation” and how did it differ from the idea of representation commonly held in the colonies? How did it related to the issue of taxation? How does the Declaratory Act attempt to address this question? 9. I am not going to ask about the Townshend duties—you just need to know that it was

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