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AMERICAN GOVERNMENT Class Project – HIST 4020 Professor. Pasquariello THAO NGUYEN History Project In this essay I will fully explain to you why the United States of America’s four fathers felt so passionately about the second and eighth amendments. Through hours of research I have come to the conclusions explained throughout this essay. Militias started forming in the 1600’s when local farmers formed together in arms against Native Americans. A militia would be a group of men who formed to protect their towns against invading forces. Most times these men would just be local farmers or young men. During this time the colonists were often attacked by the Natives and needed a way to protect themselves. Back in England during this time every man was expected to carry a gun because the Kings army would have been every able man. As the colonists started to come to America they continued this tradition. Move forward to 1756 and this way of thinking truly paid off. The French and Indian war is just starting off and is knocking on the United States door. The militias are now starting to band together and form brotherhoods as they hold off the natives and help the French. George Washington was one of the militia hero’s during this war. After seven years of war the natives were finally defeated. Fast forward to 1775 and America is at war with the British. At the time America didn’t have the enormous military they do now. In fact they only had a few Militia’s and the Continental Army. As the British begin to invade the United States of America the militias were put to the test. As the British Navy was so vast the Continental Army did not stand a chance against them. The militias often knew the land so well that they were able use a tactic known as guerilla

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