History of Punk Rock

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History of Punk Rock Punk Rock has at least a thirty year history that keeps growing longer and longer. I want to learn all about that history. Punk rock is not just a music genre; it is a way of life. There could be many reasons for choosing my topic but one stands out. Just in case you’re wondering the topic I chose is punk rock. But what was the reason of me choosing this topic? I chose it simply because I love the music and everything about it. There were many other choices but why not choose this one. I was going to choose snowboarding but I can only snowboard in the winter. I was also going to choose dirt biking but I can only do that when it is dry out. But I can listen to music any time, any day, and even any season. That is why I chose to research the history of punk rock. Now, I have already found out a few things about punk just by listening to it. I am pretty sure that the whole “punk scene” kicked off in the UK. It probably moved from their to around the world in late 60’s and late 70’s. Also one of the most original punk bands was The Velvet Underground. Punk music not only sounds good but it has a lot to say in its lyrics. The music is mostly anarchy, anti-war, anti-politics, and pro-protest. The band that has the most to say about the current war that I have heard is Anti-Flag. That, for now, is what I know about punk rock. Last but not least there is an abundance of things to accomplish during this project. One thing I hope to accomplish is to better understand the music. I wish to understand the music more so I could “feel” what they are saying. Then I might like it even more than I already do. I would also want to understand what the punk scene is all about. It’s not only what you wear that makes you punk, I knew that. But it is a way of living. Through this project I hope to accomplish a lot. I want to learn more than I already know.
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