History of Punk

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In the 1970’s a new kind of music, fashion, and lifestyle was emerging out of the streets of Brittan, Punk. That’s what it was, the most misunderstood of all stereotypes. People were starting to notice punks - the music, the unique fashion, and the lifestyle were Punk music has immerged from rock music in the middle of the 1970’s. This music spread like wild fire through out the world. From The Uk to California. Punk music is a chaotic, crazy, and hardcore kind of music. It was influenced by rock bands in the late 60s, such as The Rolling Stones,and Mc.Jagger. The unique vocalists in punk bands around the world are ones with accents and very scratchy voices like in the band “The Casualties”. They also have very few “good” instrumentalists but it still sounds good to who ever likes punk. Punk has also had an influence on other types of music like, “Screamo”, “Thrash”, and allot more. Punk music is known for its lyrics, about Government, Nazis and how the punk life is, but that’s not all they sing about, they really do have a meaning. As in this song by The Casualties called “Die Hards” they sing” We're the F***ing punx, We're few, but we are real, The way we fucking feel, This noise is for real, You know who we are, We're here til the end.” They’re singing about how they live and what an impact they made on the world today. Music is a large part of fashion to. The punk fashion is very different from any other “scene”. The clothing they wore was usually very tight, ripped up or studded. The pants they wore were extremely tight usually with a few holes in them and with many patches all over. The shirts on the other Taliaferro 2 hand are usually band shirts with holes in them. The other obvious clothing piece is the leather jacket covered in studs and patches. They have very interesting shoes to the classic creepers and steal toe boots. They have

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