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“The Life of the Puerto Rican ” Puerto Rico is an island who has gone through many changes. It is one of the most earliest Spanish settlements in the new world. Puerto rico was ceded to the United States in the Spanish-American war in 1898. It became a self-governing unit voluntarily grouped with the United States. Economically they had to be smart with their productions and how they were going to accomplish it. They had to make sure to make ties with different countries and have products ready for importation. Being ready for importation meant having workforce and during this time workforce was scare. Fernando Pico will show how they handled this problem. In the book called “History of Puerto Rico, A Panorama of Its People” by Fernando Pico, the author depicts the economic, cultural, and political hardships that the island of Puerto Rico had and how they interacted/complimented with each other. In the eighteenth century (1765-1823) , Puerto Rico was considered to have started to become a monoculture. A monoculture is the cultivation of a single crop in a given area. During this time that had followed the Spanish colonization, governors depicted the islands dilemma was that they had very little work force, and also didn’t have many products to sell. Since they didn’t have enough people working they weren’t able to sustain production so people didn’t come in to trade which left Puerto Rico out of trade. However this was only seen as a federal issue, many islanders didn’t see it that way mostly because they had illegal trade going on their trade would consist of timber, cattle, leather, tobacco, and crops. The only problem with illegal trade was that they had to get gifts for the government officials so that can continue on doing their trades with the foreigners. This became problematic because the profits they were making would have to be spent in the

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