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History Politics And You Essay

  • Submitted by: kurbane
  • on November 16, 2010
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Emily Kurban
Professor Krassas
FYR 174 02B
History, Politics, and You!
At Eastern Connecticut State University during the fall 2010 semester, I took a freshman cluster that had American Politics/Government and Recent History 1877-Present. In these two classes, I have learned about the World Wars and the civil rights movements. I also learned about the different types of political parties and different rulings from the Supreme Court on different political issues such as gay rights and women’s rights. Taking these two classes helped me understand the different social and political views that different people have. I have also learned about inter-ethnic relations and American diversity. These two classes have affected how I view politics and my candidate preferences for this past election year. Politics and history of the United States are a huge deal in America, including my family along with myself. These two classes have benefited me greatly with the knowledge that I need to understand the politics and issues going on in the world.
History and politics have helped me in understanding the different social and political views that have gone and are going on in the United States. I have learned about the racism that African Americans have gone through in our country, such as the millions of slaves in the United States and that the 13th amendment abolished slavery. I also learned about the Klu Klux Klan, who went around harassing the blacks and those who tried to help them in the result of the 13th amendment. This also compares to today. After the World Trade Centers were hit on September 11th, 2001, some Americans have felt hostile to Muslims living in the United States.   History has also shown me how people were sexist towards women For example, in areas where Jewish immigrants resided, where women were thought of as servants towards the men of the house and catered to them hand and foot. Another issue that I have learned about was sexual orientation issues....

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