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In the book Germs, Seeds and Animals written by Alfred W. Crosby put a different perspective on how Americans should view history and what actually happened in the pre-1500’s and later 1500’s. The story that we are taught in school is different than what is explained by Crosby his is more realistic and gives you a real feel as to what happened. The Europeans though did have a big part in making the new world into what it is to this day. Crosby refers to global domination of the world by the Europeans as ecological imperialism because they had a better chance at colonization since they were able to domesticate animals such as sheep, horses and cows along with crops and introduced them to the places around them. Along with these crops and animals there came diseases that killed off most people that came in touch with them because they have never encountered such diseases since they were cut off from most other civilizations. The factors that he said were crucial in explaining the European dominance was dieses and sheer force because they were intimidating. The Europeans believed that they could force themselves upon the other civilizations and just take over and take what they wanted. The worst factor was diseases “wherever the European has trod, ‘wrote Darwin’ death seems to pursue the aboriginal” (Crosby, p. 12 pp. 2). Crosby used this quote to get the point across that the illnesses that have been traveling with the Europeans have had a major impact on the new world. Small pox was the one that hit the Amerindians the hardest it was the most wide spread disease. It was brought to Mexico area, and followed travelers across the land and made it easier for Spanish conquistadors to rise up and dominate the indigenous people because they were unable to fight back because they were too

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