History Of Outback Steakhouse

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Three gentlemen of the restaurant business founded Outback Steakhouse in 1987. Chris Sullivan, Bob Basham, and Tim Gannon put this company together in the efforts of producing the top of the line food at a fair price. In the beginning they expected to build five restaurants in one region of Florida, at the end of 1988 sales were $2.7 million from two restaurants and by the end of 1994 they had over 200 restaurants and sales of $594 million system wide. All three of the men had backgrounds in the restaurant business, Chris was a busboy, Bob was a dishwasher, and Tim was a chef. Chris and Bob moved up to executive roles in the Bennigans restaurant group, and found ambition to create their own restaurant. In 1987 the two men asked Tim Gannon to be the restaurants chief chef, due to his background in previous food ventures. As the three men collaborated the design of the new place, a steak emphasis really took over. When the three men had come to their decisions they decided to go with the Australian theme due to the popularity of that culture at that time in the U.S. They also decided that steak places were a relatively untapped market in the U.S., and they saw it as a gold mine. The company continued to grow and today is known all across America. They built their company off of the basis that people always come first, and that the best ingredients make for the best product. Outback prides themselves on quality of their food and the service that they provide to the customers. At this point Outback Steakhouse is looking to globalize their product and they are trying to open another restaurant with the same types of principles as Outback called, Carrabbas Italian Restaurant. They are still and always will be striving to provide Americans and the rest of the world with the finest steaks and other menu choices, for the best possible price. Trends are definitely a

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