History of Work and Family Essay

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The History of Work and Family Danyel Haime Rasmussen College Author’s Note This paper is being submitted on March 15, 2015 Kathryn Chiplis’ G425/ SYO4180 Quality and Safety in Nursing course. Introduction Balancing work and family has been something that people have dealt with since the beginning of time. The way in which people have dealt with their situations has drastically changed over the course of decades. This paper will explore the different situations people have found themselves in during the course of time. This paper will explore how work- family programs have changed over time. It will also investigate how different companies offer different work- family programs and others do not. While researching the history of work- family programs, it will be interesting to see where these programs started, how long it took to implement, and how well they actually benefit both the employer and the employee (Thompson, Beauvais & Lyness, 1999) . It would seem that these programs can do nothing but benefit both parties, but if that is the case why do so many companies not implement these programs? This question will be one that will be explored in this paper. During the course of doing research for this project I will be looking into different programs through time and when these programs first came into cognition (Thompson, Beauvais & Lyness, 1999). How these programs were first implemented. How these programs worked for the companies and employees when they were implemented. These programs have changed over time and this paper will explore how they were changed, how and if this works for both parties. It will also be interesting to explore what it would take to get more companies to implement these programs. Investigate the facts and establish if these programs are as mutually beneficial as they would seem to be. If

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