History Of Western Philosophy Essay

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Soul searching and Philosophy Philosophy They are asking, “What is the legitimate nature of Philosophy? Is there such a thing as philosophical knowledge? Should philosophy be metaphysics, or ethics, or simply logic? Is philosophy contemplation, or action? Is it speculation, or analysis? Is it construction, or criticism?” Perhaps it is all of these, for philosophy is far too rich and varied in character and content to be defined so simply. But whatever else philosophy may be in the future, we may be quite sure it will not forsake its ancient task, the reflective and reasoned attempt to infer the character and content of the universe. And we may be sure that wherever genuine philosophy is found, there also will be found that everlasting disagreement that is the surest sign of freedom of thought and inquiry. The basic needs of a man is roti, kapada aur makaan (food, clothing and shelter), food being most elementary, followed by shelter and then clothing. Nonetheless, our fundamental necessities are not much different from the ones of lower animals. They too require food and shelter, thus, what makes us unlike them? We go beyond our animalistic instincts and emotions, and seek more. Our food is not raw and shelters are intelligent. Even more, our dressing is vibrant. We have the capability to think, imagine, and reason. Hence, along with food and shelter we spend our life thinking about creating for our comfort and contemplating about nature as a whole and the purpose of life. These human tendencies can be roughly composed into two divisions. First, physical, such as instinct, emotion, reason etc and then there is metaphysical, meaning “what comes after physics”. Instincts such as love and fear are physical, since we have science or reasoning to make us understand them. Same goes for our experiences and intellect. Nonetheless, these physical aspects cannot

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