History Of The War Essay

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Prior to World War 2, teenagers were supposed to take life seriously. Teenage girls were required to stay home and learn how to take care of their future children and to prepare themselves to be a dutiful wife from their moms. Teenage boys on the other hand, were supposed join the military or go and get a job in order to help bring in money for their family as their fathers did. Eventually, when the 1950’s arrived, things had started to change for those teenagers. The economy had risen dramatically which caused families to feel a great amount of freedom and economic power, including the teenagers. This resulted in teenagers having more money to buy things for themselves and the creation of new trends, more freedom with their friends, and the introduction of Rock N’ Roll music. This led to teenagers becoming more independent, rebellious, defensive, and at times, disrespectful. When the economy boosted dramatically, it became more noticeable to see teenagers doing things they normally would not be doing. Teenagers had their own money which led to them deciding what they wanted to do with the money, instead of their parents deciding for them. For example, they could buy a Wilson 2 car of their own, buy and listen to the music they liked, create new dance moves, and buy their own style of clothes. With that, they created new trends of clothing and hairstyles such as poodle skirts, leather jackets, rolled jeans, converse sneakers, and the beehive up-do. With new trends came new dance moves such as the “Swing”, “The Bop”, and still popular today, “The Hand Jive”. These new trends made such a huge impact in the 1950’s that we have seen many of them come and go over the decades. Also, more money in their pockets led to teenagers having the desire to have an education and go to college rather than stay at home or work. They soon learned that having an

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