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History Pre-historic Britain Initially the British Isles were part of the continent, but then they separated. As the waters of the English Channel became calmer the first people came to the islands. They were mainly hunters. a) Approximately 3000-2000BC, the Iberians (the Megalithic people) (иберы) came from the West. They are supposed to settle in west England, Wales, and north-west Scotland. The name “Iberians” comes from the name of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain), in the Mediterranean, where the people originated. b) After 2000BC another group of people entered Britain from the South. They came from the east of Europe and settled mainly in the southern part of the island. The tribe was called the Beaker Folk (народ чаш). This name comes from the word “beaker” that means “to drink”, and also a lot of remnants of pottery have been found in the place of their settlement. Eventually the 2 peoples mixed up and shared common way of life. They mainly occupied open areas near the rivers. Influence a) A number of settlements on the east and south coasts, which represent a collection of chambers. They give the idea of how the peoples live. b) Stonehenge and Avebury The name “Stonehenge” comes from the OE “henan”= “to hang”, thus the meaning is “hanging stones”. Stonehenge is a collection of stones laid in a form of circles and semi circles at an equal distance. The stones are 3000 years old and were cut in the mountains in Wales and transported to Salisbury Plain, where the Stonehenge stands. But there exist several theories about who and for what purpose it was built. First of all, who built it? 1) The Iberians. This version is the most supported one by the scientific society, because the age of the stones coincides with the period when the Megalithic People lived. But still a question arises how they managed to transport the stones (each 25 tones)
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