History of the Fox Essay

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Paper 1 Planning Sheet Directions: Answer the following questions regarding the article and target group you have chosen for Paper 1. It should take you about 2 hours to complete this sheet between thinking about the questions, re-reading passages of the article, searching for supporting quotes in the article, thinking critically about your target group and their perspectives, etc. CHOSEN ARTICLE AUTHOR/TITLE: | Dollar$ and Sense by Reginald Stuart | | QUESTION | RESPONSE | | CONTEXT/THESIS (Para 1) | 1 | State the group you are targeting for your library workshop, and then describe that group. Some but not all of these might be relevant details: age, socioeconomic class, family experience with college, positive/negative personal experience with education, job/work, family status, etc. Any of these might be useful details to think about, even if they do not make it into your final paper. Remember, you are using stereotypes (generalizations) when talking about the target group, but stick to positive stereotypes. | This group consist of high school Senior student-athletes. I mainly want to focus on the one's planning on playing basketball or football at the college level. These athletes are not fully aware of the statistics surrounding the poor graduation rate's most of these school's athletic teams have. | 2 | Summarize the debate over the relationship between college and wealth: Which side of the debate is your author on: | One side believes college students are being taken advantage of and are faced with a substantial amount of debt after receiving a degree. The other side argues both college and wealth could go hand in hand. My author is for the students | 3 | Your author’s thesis in his/her/their article: His/her/Their main supporting points: | The academic standard for D1 college

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