History of Strasbourg Essay

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My French Country Report is on Strasbourg and I’ll be talking about its history. The first traces of human occupation in the environs of Strasbourg go back in 600,000 years. Neolithic bronze age and iron artifacts have been uncovered by archeological excavations. It was permanently settled by proto-celts around 1300 B.C. Towards the end of the third century B.C, it developed into a Celtic township with a market called “Argentorate.” Drainage works converted the Stilt houses to houses built on dry land. The Romans under Nero Claudis Drusus established a military outpost belonging to the Germania Superior Roman province at Strasbourg’s current location, and named it “Argentoratum” ( Hence the town is is commonly called Argentina in medieval Latin). The Roman preceding it before being Latinized, but it is not known by how long. The Roman camp was destroyed by fire and rebuilt six times between the first and the fifth centuries A.D: in 70, 97, 235, 355 in the last quarter of the fourth century, and in the early years of the fifth century. It was under Trajan and after the fire of 97 that Argentoratum received its most extended and fortified shape. From the year 90 on, the Legio VIII Augusta was permanently stationed in the Roman camp of Argentoratum. It then included a cavalry section and covered an area of approximately 20 hectares. Other Roman Legions temporarily stationed in Argentoratum were the Legio XIV Germania amd the Legio XXI Rapax, the latter during the reign of the

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