History Of Slavery In The United States

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Slavery in the United States a this time was a way of life for most people. The buying, selling and auctioning of slaves proved to be a valuable business. The ownership of slaves provided a sense of wealth and status among the whites. There were even different "classes" among the white that owned more slaves than other. But, the belief that blacks were inferior to whites and unsuited for life in any condition other than slavery was a commom belief among most whites. Before the law, slaves were just considered property. Slaves could be sold or sleased by their owners at any time and the slaves lack a voice in the government that ruled over them. They were also not alowed to testify in court against any white man, sign contracts or acquire property. they also could not own firearms, hold meetings unless a white person was present, nor could they leave their farm any anytime without the permission of their owner. During the 1830s it became illegal to to teach a slave to read or write.…show more content…
Some matters treated their slaves like a piece of property that they owned and would care for them. They would provide them descent meals and medical treatment for when they were sick. They took responsibility for their slaves. Some slave oweners actually thought of them selves as kind for taking care of their slave the way that they did. Other slave owners were extreme when it came to the abuse they gave their slaves. The slaves could be burtally beaten or whipped when it came to doing the slightest thing wrong. From my understanding it wouldn't take much more that a wrong look from a slave to a slave owner to be brutally punished. Both men and women slaves were equal, in the meaning that neither one had any more power than the other when it came to slavery. Husband's could not protect their wives or children from any kind of
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