History of Slavery in the United States Essay

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History of Slavery in the United States Click Link Below To Buy: http://hwcampus.com/shop/history-of-slavery-in-the-united-states/ Investigate the history of slavery and discuss the ways in which this history impacts contemporary society. Thesis and Introduction Slavery in America How and when did Slavery Start in America? Who were slaves? Where did they come from? How were slaves treated? What where their livingConditions? Who owned slaves? Why did they own slaves? What was the social status of some one who ownedslaves? Capitalism in America How and when did Capitalism start in America? Who does Capitalism benefit? How does Capitalism affect rich people? How does Capitalism affect poor people? Who Controls Capitalism? What is the Social Status of the people who control Capitalism? Healthcare and Education in America Healthcare compared between Slaves and Slave Owners Healthcare compared between Modern day Rich people and Poor People What type of education was available for Slaves and Slave owners? What type of education and school system is available for rich and poor people? Religion Did Slaves have their own religion prior to slavery? What did Slave Masters do with religion of their slaves? Slavemasters took their own religion and taught it to their slaves. Catholic religion is the number one religion in the world How popular is the Catholic religion with in rich and poor communities ? Conclusion Slavery is live ad well in today’s society. It comes in the form of Capitalism. my Humanities Term Paper. I need to write a Ten Page report. I need standard APA citations. I have attached a copy of the draft. Please follow the format of the

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