History Of Scientific Method

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History of scientific method We consider the scientific contemplation of nature and poetry as two complementary forms of observation, with which it is said that both are justified, each on its own, but one should not be confused with the other. -----Niels Bohr. The man from the beginning has remained interested in the discovery of things but even more logical explanation of all of them to the point of what we now understand as 'science'. All science, is the product of knowledge that have changed over the years, from ancient times until today. These constant changes are the result of ideologies of great scientists and philosophers who have contributed their very particular perspective, bringing these claims to a set of different points of view in which specific criteria are spelled out. This paper is intended to highlight the contributions that each of these characters proposed in order to establish, standardize and explain all the events, what is now considered the foundation of our scientific and technical culture. The importance of these thinkers lies in the influence even today. And as explanatory procedure have made countless procedures, which has been refined to the point that we know as definitive scientific method. The old ideal of science Aristotle and many more Greeks played an important role in defining what we now know as science and hence the relevance of mentioning their contributions when discussing issues of scientific philosophy and all that it concerns. The ideals of scientific discourse are now far removed from what initially was for the Greek, the reason for this is due to the contributions of other scientists, however, the current intentions deep scientific method and the definition of science as such, correspond to the same intentions of Aristotle: "know the reality and make it intelligible" Something very important that we
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