History of Psychology Essay

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History of Psychology Psy. 310 Shayla9266 History of Psychology The origins’ of psychology are based on ancient viewpoints of philosophy and physiology. Psychology made the transition from philosophical evaluations and assumptions to a formal discipline in 1879. Some of the premier philosophers from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt can be credited for sowing the seeds of modern psychology. Asian and Muslim cultures also have their great contributors to psychology. In China, during the 6th century A.D., Lin Xie conducted what some call the first psychology experiment. He asked participants to draw a circle with one hand while at the same time drawing a square with the other in an attempt to study distractions in human beings. Medieval Muslim physicians are said to have studied human behavior in attempt to treat what they believed to be diseases of the mind. Although their observations were based primarily on reasoning and logic, other philosophers that played a major role in the roots of psychology include Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle. It was Hermann Ebbinghaus who was the first to study human behavior experimentally, and he gave much credit to these early philosophers in their quest to gain

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