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History: Traditional Pick meat products are an indispensable part of daily meals. Excellent quality is guaranteed by 140 years’ experience and expertise. The uniqueness of Pick products lies in the use of raw materials made in Hungary, their reliable premium quality, consumer-friendly packaging solutions and unforgettable taste. Our best-known product – Pick Téliszalámi (winter salami) – is a unique Hungaricum. It is made from exquisite ingredients to a secret recipe, over beech smoke, and is cured for 100 days until it acquires its inimitable characteristic aroma as well as its unique appearance, which is due to the noble mould on the surface of the casing. The Pick brand offers premium products to suit all market needs: salamis and sausages, red meats, cold cuts, grill and BBQ products and meat spreads as well as products made from mangalica (curly hair hog) meat. Outside the borders of the country, Pick products are best known in Germany. We are however working on conquering other markets as well and our products can today be found worldwide, from the USA to Japan. Marketing mix: According to Keegan and Green (1999): “ the essence of global marketing is finding the balance between a standardized (extension) approach to the marketing mix and a localized (adaption) approach that is responsive to country or regional differences.” PRODUCT The business has to produce a product that people want to buy. They have to decide which ‘market segment’ they are aiming at – age, income, geographical location etc. They then have to differentiate their product so that it is slightly different from what is on offer at present so that people can be persuaded to ‘give them a try’. We are going to launch the „winter salami” at first, later on the other products of Pick. Hungarians really like this type of salami, and not just because it is a national product. It

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