History of Missions Timeline Essay

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30 - Pentecost and birth of the Christian church 39 - Peter preaches to the Gentiles 48 - Paul (formerly known as Saul of Tarsus) begins his first missionary journey to modern-day Turkey. 49 - Jerusalem Council on admitting Gentiles into the Church 51 - Paul begins his second missionary journey, a trip that will take him through Turkey and on into modern-day Greece. 52 - Apostle Thomas arrives in India and founds church that subsequently becomes Indian Orthodox Church (and its various descendants). 54 - Paul begins his third missionary journey 66 -Thaddeus establishes the Christian church of Armenia 72 - Traditional date of the Apostle Thomas' martyrdom in India 100 - First Christians are reported in Monaco, Algeria, and Sri Lanka 174 - First Christians reported in Austria 180 - Pantaenus preaches in India 197 - Tertullian writes that Christianity had penetrated all ranks of society in North Africa 200 - First Christians are reported in Switzerland and Belgium 206 - Abgar, King of Edessa, embraces the Christian faith 250 - Denis (or Denys or Dionysius) is sent from Rome along with six other missionaries to establish the church in Paris 280 - First rural churches emerge in northern Italy; Christianity is no longer exclusively in urban areas 295 - Dudi (David) of Basra evangelizes in India 300 - First Christians reported in Greater Khorasan; 304 - Armenia accepts Christianity as state religion 306 - The first bishop of Nisibis is ordained 340 - Ulfilas begins work with the Goths in present-day Romania 350 - Two young Christians, shipwrecked in the Red Sea, are taken as slaves to Ethiopia to serve in the royal court. Given freedom to preach the gospel, their witness gives birth to the Coptic Church. 364 - Conversion of Vandals to Christianity during the reign of Emperor Valens 370 - Ulfilas translates the Bible into Visigothic, the first Bible

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