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History Of Makeup Essay

  • Submitted by: rubymendez
  • on March 18, 2012
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Makeup has been used since the beginning of time, over the years it has evolved and is a huge part of yesterdays, todays and tomorrow’s lives. The evolution of cosmetics has truly changed through the centuries. The way people wear makeup and the reasons why they wear it have changed dramatically over time. The attraction of a beautiful face did not appear yesterday; painted ladies and even gentlemen have been known through time in artwork and illustrations. The art of cosmetics has definitely changed over time and through different cultures including: Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, French, Italians, and Americans.
It is believed that the use of cosmetics dates back to ancient Egypt around 4000 B.C. It was during these times that cosmetics began to fulfill beautifying needs along with playing a predominant role in ritual burials. The sources used to develop the numerous forms of cosmetics were extracted from the fertile land of the Nile River. The products that were mainly used were face and eye powders, they also used lip ointments and henna to darken nails of the person.
Cosmetics were not just an occasionally type of thing but was considered to be an essential.   They have all taken a part in wanting to create this image of themselves, and standout for visual reasons. For example, wearing eye powder will bring out the eyes, wearing lip ointments would better enhance the gloss and fullness of the lips, and painting of the finger nails would give them a sense of glamour.  
Appearance is seemingly one of the most important things we humans care about wither or not you have a so called style and to think that the things we use to better further our appearance has be evolving since the beginning of time. Things such as tweezers, eyebrow combs, and tooth picks were founded in the Babylon ruins. These are not only things we use every day but the essentials in keeping our appearance healthy and presentable.
Both men and women wear makeup and use these tools. Though...

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