History of Jazz Music

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Jane Doe March 5, 2012 Dr. Dennis Music 366 The History and Characteristics of Jazz Music In today’s society, you can look around and be guaranteed that you will see at least eight out of ten people with headphones on their head or ear buds in their ear. Whether it is rock, rap, or rhythm and blues, people have the tendency to use music to set their mood or ease their minds after a long and stressful day. Sometimes we can tell what kind of mood a person is based off of their musical selection. In most cases people have favorite type of music that no matter what mood they’re in, they can listen to it and be content. One of my all-time favorites is jazz music; but where did it all start? “Jazz is one of America’s greatest cultural achievements and exports to the world community giving powerful voice to the American experience. Born of multi-colored society, it unites people across the divides of race, region, and national boundaries and has always made powerful statements about freedom, creativity and American identity at home and aboard” according to Jazz Literature. Jazz music originated in the 1700s and can be traced back to the times of slavery. This type of music played a major part of the African American culture because they used to communicate, express, and uplift. The songs that were created during this time period were known as “spirituals” that they used to recite their religious beliefs and to look forward to the day they would hopefully be set free. During the 1800s, African Americans considered America to be the “land of opportunity.” Unfortunately, the Northern states of America held the most interest for African Americans. In the 1900s, New Orleans ignited the evolution of jazz music. People of all cultures began to unite a variety of musical traditions from all over the world. For example, African American artist fused European music

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