History Of Jamestown

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If you were wondering what the first settlement of Jamestown was like, try and picture a big swampy area with not a lot of resources to use. On top of that, the settlers weren’t too bright themselves. The inhospitable conditions severely challenged the settlers. Jamestown was a swampy area, and furthermore, it was isolated from most potential hunting game such as deer and bears which like to roam over much larger areas. The settlers quickly hunted and killed off all the large and smaller game that was to be found on the tiny peninsula. The low, marshy area was infested with malaria-carrying mosquitoes and other airborne pests. The only source of water for the area was not a good source of drinking water for more reasons than one; mainly because of the high content of salt and the bugs that were infested within it. The settlers who came over on the initial three ships were not well-equipped for the life they found in Jamestown. There were a little over one hundred men to come over that helped establish Jamestown. Out of those hundred, only few were skilled farmers or laborers. The men that came over were considered “gentlemen.” They were sons of English gentry and well known craftsmen. Their main goal over here in the New World was the pursuit of gold. According to Give Me Liberty, p.42,they would much rather starve than work. Many suffered from saltwater poisoning which led to infection, fevers and dysentery. As a result of these conditions, most of the early settlers died of disease and starvation. New arrivals often brought the numbers of people back up and the addition of women helped produce more population. The only thing wrong with that was nothing had changed. People still weren’t farming and kept trying to survive off of what was already there. Harsh winters would come by and knocked people six feet deep, metaphorically speaking. This took a huge
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