History Of Ireland In 11Th And 12Th Century Essay

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The 11th and 12th centuries in Ireland are seen as ages of renaissance and progress. Advancements were made in culture and arts, religious reform, and the eventual coming of a central monarchy for Ireland. At Ireland’s golden age, the Norman Invasion occurred. The Norman Invasion would change and influence Ireland in various ways. Religion and the arrival of the Franciscan, Dominican, Carmelites, and Augustinian friars would also have a lasting impact. The two notable Norman invasions of the 11th and 12th century were those of Britain and Ireland. However, these two separate invasions are extremely different from each other in a multitude of ways. The Norman invasion of England was a decisive conquest led by William the Bastard (later to become Conqueror). Moody and Martin talk of the invasion. “William the Conqueror planned and executed the invasion of England on a grand scale; recruits flocked to his banner from France, Germany, and other parts of Europe.”(95) William called for vast recruits from all over Europe, and his conquest of England was “systematic, ruthless, and complete.” This however, was not the case when it came to the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland. The Normans only half-heartedly invaded Ireland, and did not take steps towards conquering all of it. The Normans also never arrived with a significant amount of forces sufficient to conquer Ireland. To me, the reason as to why the Normans first came to Ireland sounds more like a soap opera. Moody and Martin state it as being a “Personal drama” between the two warrior kings, “Dermot MacMurrough, and Tiernan O’Rourke.”(95) These two kings spent years as rivals; fighting, raiding, and committing atrocities. However, these quarrels escalated when in 1152, O’Rourke’s wife was abducted by MacMurrough. After recovering his wife the following year, O’Rourke defeated Dermot and destroyed his

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