History of Idea Reformation Essay

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In the late medieval history in 1517, there was a reformation of Christianity. Since then, christianity divided into two, The Protestant and The Catholic. The reformation started when one of the professor of biblical theology at the University of Wittenberg called Martin Luther, found fault with the idea of the Church's policy, and nailed his ninety five theses on the door of Wittenberg Castle Church. His theses mostly covered about his criticism towards the selling of indulgences and the policy of the purgatory in Church. This essay considers to the split between the Catholic and Protestant that caused by the fundamental belief that leads to different practices, by looking at the salvation and the authority of scripture. Firstly, the matter of salvation is one of the factor that cause reformation. For christianity, faith is important for salvation. But there is a different aspect to emphasis how to reach salvation. The Catholic church believes that "[O]utside of the church there is no salvation or remission of sins" (Boniface Unam Sanctam Ex.). For Catholics, church is the only way to reach salvation, they believe that priest is the person chosen by Jesus that has the authority to remove sins. Thus they believe that priests has the power and through them, salvation can be reached. On the other hand, The Protestant church believes that "Faith alone, apart from any act of ours, makes us religious, sets us free, and saves us" (Luther Freedom Ex.3). Which mean that the Protestant believes that they can reach salvation in their own way without the third people, the priest. By just simply receive and trusting the good news or gospel, someone can receive grace from God (Appold 2011: 73). This show that the belief of connection between the believer and God is different between Catholic and Protestant. Moreover, Marshall (2009: 42) claimed that from the beginning, human
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