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"History" Herodotus's "History" is a Western history of the earliest historical works, the story can be exciting and richness and the "Historical Records" in comparison. Opening the book said, "out of here, is that哈利卡尔Herodotus sos were the results of research, so he should be released the results of these studies is to preserve the achievements of mankind, so that would not have been as a result of年深日久forgotten, in order for the Greeks abroad and those who were worthy of admiration of the great honor they do not get out "and" Historical Records "only in the final Tai Shi public only very modest preface is also very proud to say "theft by finding up to art, into a statement, missing by six different Chuan Association, 100 miscellaneous neat language, possession of the mountains and vice in the capital to future generations as soon as the gentlemen's saints." There are such a comparison, the "history" of human concern for human exploits amazed that people should read these exploits. "Historical Records" would convey "a statement" and "the end of the original review, see Sheng concept of failure, on examination of the act" have been Confucius's "Annals" rank figures, "repair of waste from the old" so that "scholars of "spirit. This is not to say that it is a "theme first" do? Therefore, in Herodotus's "History", there are some interesting topics, but not to "Historical Records" involved. Such as "history" that the Egyptians believed that they were all mankind the most ancient nations, the United States提科斯become普撒when the king (664 BC), the Egyptians have wanted to know this, so普撒the United States提科斯to find two babies, born to a shepherd, told him they were feeding on the sheep, but no one was allowed in these two babies before saying a

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