History of Health Care Essay

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Health Care History The economics of health care are something not most people even consider when they think of health care. Health care has come a long way from the beginnings of the 1900’s. Although forms of medicine and health care are evident throughout history, it was nothing like it is today. The history and evolution of health care is quite remarkable, as well as, the major changes that have taken place in funding. History of Health Care The American Medical Association (AMA) formed in 1847. Within the first year of being established they created the standards for preliminary medical education and the degree of MD, as well as the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. The AMA alone, is responsible for creating and delegating much of the change in the standards of health care. However, while the AMA was becoming established, starting the wave of change, health insurance was not an option, people were still using home remedies and doctors had very small practices or made house calls. Within the next 100 plus years things would change dramatically (Chronology of Events, 2015). By the 1900’s the AMA is a powerhouse for the health care world and surgery becomes more widely used. In 1910 hospitals become institutions concerned with cleanliness, antiseptics and are using medication for pain relief. The argument for health insurance is bringing in more followers. Although the following grew larger, by 1920 there still was no big changes for health insurance (A Brief History: Universal Health Care Efforts in the U.S, 2015). In the 1930’s there was a want for health insurance, however, no attention was paid due to other priorities of the Roosevelt administration. Yet, the Social Security Act is passed, once The Depression is in full swing. The 1940’s held big changes for people due to World War II. Wage and price controls were set on American employers. This
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