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October 31, 2012 History of Halloween Every holiday starts off with a long history and works its way up to a common, popular holiday. Halloween is one of the holidays with a long history that goes way back in time. In America it is most commonly seen for people to celebrate this holiday on the 31st of October. Halloween has become one of the most profitable season from all the candy and decorations spent to celebrate this day of the year. Although this holiday is mostly celebrated in America, Halloween’s history was brought to America from different countries with their beliefs. It all began in the 1800’s when different countries came to America. There were many voodoo thoughts and beliefs brought here in America. It settled in England when the English people brought the belief of ghost and witches. When the immigrants from Ireland, who were suffering potato famine, came, they brought ghost stories. Along with the Scottish immigrants who brought mischief and games. When the German immigrants came along they brought witchcraft. Later, Haitians and Africans came over with their native voodoo beliefs on black cats, fire, and witchcrafts. Along with other foreign countries, in the 1800’s, America started their own traditions. New Hampshire created barn dancing on Halloween. New York celebrated with parades and firecrackers. North Carolina brought the thought that the winds would foretell the futures. Louisiana cooked midnight meals called the, “dumb supper,” where a meal was held in silences for the ghost to join the table. America also brought the tradition of trick-or-treating. It wasn’t long before the 1900’s brought new ideas to Halloween. Work Cited Source 1) History of Halloween in America “World Book Encyclopedia” 2007 Edition, 2007. 2007 2) “Halloween History.” History of Halloween- Halloween History. N.p. n.d. www.halloweenhistory.org/

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