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Darryl Williams Professor Schutte English 101 CRB March 7, 2011 Inside the Storyboards of Disney Gender issues have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. The struggle of stereotyping males and females seem to be a feat that humans still have not accomplished to this day. Gender issues have evolved over the times for better and worse. Currently in the 2000s they do not put it in your face too much but it was not always like that. Actually, one of the pioneers for putting gender issues out in society is Disney. Disney has been pushing the line when it comes to gender issues for many years now. As a matter of fact, the article “Disney reflects gender/racial issues in cartoons” I just recently read by Ben Presley had a well written argument about gender issues in Disney. Presley did a good job presenting his argument because he consulted a reliable source; his source used accurate examples, and used appropriate word usage in his article. Presley uses a reliable source in the article, Harry Mersmann when stating his argument. Harry Mersmann was a good reliable source because he is a sociology instructor. This is important when arguing a topic like gender issues because gender issues connect straight to sociology. Sociology is the study of society, both topically and methodologically. Its focuses onsocial stratification, social class, social mobility, religion, secularization, law, and deviance. And since all spheres of human activity are molded by social structure, this qualities him to talk about this topic on a broader more discipline level. Mersmann used great examples in his argument that Presley included in his article. Ben Presley depicted the great examples that Professor Mersmann presented in his speech. Professor Mersmann stated accurate examples of popular Disney movies featuring their quotes and scenes. He names a lot of classics like Dumbo,

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