History of Databases Essay

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History of databases. With the emergence of the computers, and the technologies that enabled people to store and process data using the computers, the traditional file storage systems(physical file systems) were replaced with computerized database systems in the early 1960’s, continuing through the 1970’s and 1980’s in large and main frame computers. Even with the emergence of the new technology, most of these databases were only maintained in organizations such as hospitals, universities and banks where such technologies could be afforded. In these databases, the data were stored in tables in which almost all of the tables were comprised with a similar record structures and similar concepts. Also, these databases only supported programming language based interfaces, which in turn made the databases difficult to handle and maintain. Not only that, the implementation of new queries and transactions was time consuming, complicated as well as expensive since when a new query or a transaction was needed new programs were also needed. And since new programs meant coding, testing, debugging and retesting before using, it was even more time consuming, expensive, harder to maintain and required a lot of man power. Amongst the many problems which arose in the databases, records being of many types and many interrelationships existing between these records, was a main cause for more complications and data duplications. Also, the intermixing of conceptual relationships with the physical storage and placement of records on disk was also among these problems. Due to the intermixing of conceptual relationships with the physical storage and placement of records on disk, these systems were not capable of providing data abstraction and program data independence. Therefore, even though this provided quick access to the files and records, accessing these records with regards to

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