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History of Computers with Music Essay

  • Submitted by: yusunofa
  • on December 14, 2012
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Below is an essay on "History of Computers with Music" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Ever since man created the first computers, there has been an intrigue with it being used in music.   On the first computers, a speaker would be attached to different components in the computer that would make a noise that would vary in pitch as different data was processed with it.   They did this because there would be bugs in the computer often, and if the certain speaker would play the same noise over and over without a variation in pitch, it would tell the person who was trying to find the problem that the data was looping and the problem was in that specific component.
The first real digital audio workstation, or as it is commonly referred to as “DAW” was called “The Digital Editing System”, created by the company Soundstream.   At the time this was the most advanced computer application that was available to the public.   Ever since then, as with all technology, the DAW has advanced.   Without The Digital Editing System, there would not have been a base for the DAW to upgrade and become easier to access and use.
There have been many advancements to the DAW, but the most useful one for producing music would have to be the ability to connect instruments and microphones into the program and record them to use in music.   The most popular instrument used in conjunction with DAW programs is the keyboard.   You could also connect instruments such as guitars and drums, however the most popular way to record most instruments is through the use of a microphone.  
A very large majority of music made today is done using some sort of DAW.   This is because it provides the opportunity to record and mix your music together in a relatively simple process.   There are several different types of DAWs for artists that require different needs when producing music.
There are DAW’s like a popular program called “Fruity Loops”, which are popular with people who are more focused on creating their music on the computer rather than use instruments.   This is done by using short...

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