History Of Communism Essay

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History of Communism The fundamentals of Communism started with Plato in one of his books which he states “Social Inequalities must be minimized in order to be successful”, although Plato is recognized as an advocate for Collectivism. That value is still fundamental to modern-day Communism. During the Age of Enlightenment, criticism of private property greatly expanded and influenced theorists such as Jean Jacques Rousseau from France. Gracchus Babeuf, another Frenchman, supported the idea of common ownership of land, and economic and social equality. Karl Marx, also considered the Grandfather of Communism, also played a large role in developing Communism. Marxism was formed in the 1840s by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, who also published The Communist Manifesto (1848), one of the most influential political doctrines ever released. They both saw Capitalism as an exploitation of the workers, and created a class conflict, which some would argue as positive competition. Marx was instrumental in the founding out modern Communism, although he didn’t do it alone. Lenin and Trotsky, two other revolutionary theorists based most of their work and ideology off of Marx. During October of 1917, history was made when the first Marxist government took control of the Russian state. The creation of the Soviet Union soon followed after in 1922. Communism took two popular forms in Russia, from two popular political leaders, Stalin (Stalinism) and Lenin (Leninism). Stalinism was much more rash and brutal towards citizens, and more so of a system than just an ideology. After Stalin took power, he realized how far back Russia was, as far as industrialization, and enacted a 5 year plan to catalyze the Russian industries. He understood the importance of catching up to the rest of the world, and the global economy. World War II gave
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