History of Communication and Media Essay

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History of Communication and Media Name Institution The perception of the society towards the evolution in communication and media. Introduction and Justification Communication refers to an act of transferring information from one person and place to another. Mutual understanding is employed in effective communication. The two parties must understand each other in order to have response or feedback which makes communication complete. The information can be transferred from one person to another through written form, verbal and non- verbal means where signs are used. Media on the other hand refers to the communication channel through which the information is put across to listeners and the audiences. The information put across in the communication channels include news, promotional messages, education and entertainment. The communication channels which is the media used to put the message forward include televisions, radio, newspapers and magazines. The field of communication and media has evolved over the past years. In the ancient years, 18th century, messengers were used to transfer message from one place to another. It was very challenging because, as a human being, the messenger was prone to forgetting the message. The message delivered could also loss meaning. It was very unfortunate because the messenger could also die on his way and the message never delivered. An urgent message could also not be transferred using a messenger. The communication was very slow. In 19th century, communication evolved from oral or verbal to written. People had learnt how to read and write. Therefore, letters were used as a means of communication. The letters were transported from the sender to the receiver using people. The messangers this time were not sent with the oral form of communication but written. There were limitations of the communication since the letter could get
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