History of Black Metal

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Black Metal is an extreme subgenre of Heavy Metal, and is widely considered to be an underground music form, due to the genres connections to church burnings, anti-Christian extremism and general debauchery (murders, suicides, etc.) [thesis]. (1) Firstly [transition] are the origins of Black Metal. Black Metal began through teenagers (mostly coming from Scandinavia) discovering the various German thrash bands of the 1980’s, including Sodom, Kreator and Destruction, who’s murderously fast, loud and extreme music began the ‘prototype’ of Black Metal. (2) Examples of early Black Metal bands include Venom, Bathory, Hellhammer (not to be confused with the famous drummer of the same name) and Celtic Frost. Bands such as these are generally referred to as the ‘First Wave’ of Black Metal, who paved the way and began defining the genre of Black Metal. Secondly [transition], I shall discuss the characteristics of Black Metal. The sound of Black Metal is highly distorted, loud and very, VERY fast. It is because of these characteristics that Black Metal (and many other varieties of Metal) are shunned and labelled as “just noise”, and subsequently record sales are quite low (in comparison to other, mainstream genres.) Black Metal vocal styles are generally high pitched screams, shrieks and snarls, which heavily contrasts the usual vocal styles of Death Metal, which are generally very low pitched grunts and growls, but which can also feature screams and shrieks at times, depending on who is actually making the music. As for lyrics, Black Metal tends to feature War and Battles, and many references to Tolkien's work on 'Middle Earth', but with very little reference to actual slaughter. Death Metal, on the other hand, tends to only feature references to slaughter and bloodletting (a prime example of this being the band Cannibal Corpse, whose song titles and lyrics are famous for
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