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By: Sanjeet Dass The Yardbirds English rock band in the 1960’s Members included Jeff Beck, Keith Relt, Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, and Jimmy Page In 1968 Relf and McCarty decided to give up the band and the name to Jimmy Page The New Yardbirds In the fall of 1968, Page got together singer Robert Plant, drummer John Bonham, and bassist/keyboardist John Paul Jones to form The New Yardbirds Later that year the band changed its name to Led Zeppelin and went on to have a U.S. concert debut the same year The Blues Influence The band members have described being influenced by all different types of music from around the world It is the blues that gives Led Zeppelin their core Influential musicians: Blind Willie Johnson, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson Robert Johnson Made blues popular in the Mississippi Delta in the 1920s and 1930s The essential inspiration for all rock bands, but especially Led Zeppelin Due to the band’s talent, they were able to mold Johnson’s songs and his style into their own while still maintaining the same musical foundation Songs based on The Blues “Bring It On Home” - cover of Sonny boy Williamson and draws comparisons with Willie Dixon’s “Bring It On Back” “Whole Lotta Love” - reworking of Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” “How Many More Times” - transformed from Howlin Wolf’s “How Many More Years” “Lemon Song” - adaptation of Howlin Wolf’s “Killing Floor” “You Shook Me” - Willie Dixon Allegations of Plagiarism Over the years, many music critics have suggested that many of Led Zeppelin’s songs have pre-existent material Blues producer Robert Palmer said in support that “it is the custom, in blues music, for a singer to borrow verses from contemporary sources, both oral and recorded, add his own tune and/or arrangement, and call the song his own.” Recycling of lines is called “floating lyrics” - a custom in

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