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The History of Anheuser-Busch It’s been over one hundred and twenty long years since Adolphus Busch first introduced Budweiser to the United States. Although much has changed over all that time, the "spirit of Adolphus and his great dreams remain unchanged, as vibrant today as it was a century ago. Through many consecutive generations of Busch family management, Budweiser has become a reliable, truly genuine, American beer. These greater makings are the outcome of Busch’s innovative dreams and ideas, the stable control through three major disasters, and the change of a company over all these years. (www.anheuser-busch.com) The story starts with Adolphus Busch. He was born in July of 1839 in Kastel near Mainz; Adolphus was the second youngest of a massive twenty-one children. After learning at the Gymnasium in Mainz in Germany, he moved to the United States in 1857, and soon after that he married Lily, the daughter of a greatly successful St. Louis businessman named, Eberhard Anheuser. Anheuser was also a German who had moved from Germany to the United States, and had just found a local brewery in St. Louis. Adolphus started as a salesman who sold brewing materials to Anheuser. Adolphus then soon worked his way into the household business and up the business ladder, and ultimately became a partner and in conclusion, the company’s president. With high hopes, and aspirations, Adolphus was considered to be the powerful force of the company that would finally alter it into a manufacturing giant. Because of this, many people see Adolphus Busch as the originator of the business, and the “Father of Budweiser.” (www.beerhistory.com) (www.streetdirectory.com) It was clear that Adolphus was a man of great ideas. His early ambitions involved a national beer market as well as a national beer that would demand to practically every taste. In hunt of his ideas, Busch still

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