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History and Development of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Letonia L. Shaw Capella University July 21, 2013 In 1976, a group of community mental health community agency and private practice counselor founded AMHCA as the professional association for the newly group of counselors who identified their practice as mental health counseling. Without credentialing, licensure, education and training standards or other marks of a clinical profession, these early mental health counselor worked alongside social workers and psychologists in a developing community mental health service system as “paraprofessionals” or “allied health professionals” despite the fact they held Master’s or Doctoral degrees (http://www.amhca.org). In 1979 the founders of AMHCA developed four methods for identifying the clinical specialty. They are as followed: 1. Identifying a definition of mental health counseling 2. Setting standards for education and training, clinical practice, and professional ethics 3. Creating a national credentialing system 4. Starting a professional journal which included research and clinical practice content. These methods have significantly contributed to the professional development of clinical mental health counseling and merit further explication (http://www.amhca.org). Mental health was define as “an interdisciplinary, multifaceted, holistic process of the promotion of healthy lifestyles, identification of individual stressors and personal levels of functions, and the preservations or restoration of mental health”; this was the first published definition and it was published in the Journal of Mental Health Counseling the initial issue of AMHCA (http://www.amhca.org). The mental health profession continued to see change and major development to the profession, before 1979 there was no established of education and training standard

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