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FINAL EXAM NOTES YO. Legislative nationalism Tariff of 1816-tax on imported goods. Consititution said we can have it. Congress raised the tariff to 24 percent. Never be able to make a good great and improve if no one buys it. Refer to SHOVEL EXAMPLE. * Tariffs are bad for agriculture. Farmer buys equipment and it needs to be the cheapest and highest quality he can get which means made in Britain. It will cost the farmer more to buy the equipment he needs. * If US is putting a tariff on manufactured goods Britain will put a tariff on American stuff. The british are punishing you for the industry. Southerners don’t like high tariff it hurts them. * Southerners went along with the tariff because they were thinking about the nation and they were viewing themselves as very nationalistic. 1) Going to create the second bank of the United States. * Congress created 2nd bank of the united states. 1816-1836 we will have another economic system based on bank of united states. The southerners don’t like it. Its very Hamiltonian and they are becoming more Jeffersonian. SOUTHERNERS ALSO voted for this to help the whole nation! To pull out of economic damage. * Internal improvements at federal expenses. All of us will pay for the bridges and rows. Southerners don’t like the idea of all of us paying for idea for something we don’t need. The first high quality paid rapid movement was called NATIONAL HIGHWAY. The southerners aren’t going to use it, its going to be a very limited number of people using it but we all pay for us. Thought they really didn’t need it. * SOUTHERNERS repeated themes where they will decide dto go along with things to pass the bill the presidents will make sure it doesn’t happen. * Feeling of nationalism goes away after 1819. Enter a period called the rise of sectionalism. Had a sort of divide

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