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Today The Munich settlement is widely regarded as a failed act of appeasement toward Nazi Germany while some others believe it was a major triumph for it brought peace to Europe for a couple of more months. Czechoslovakia was a state created just after World War One made from the remains of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. When Adolph Hitler came to power on the 30th of January 1933 one of his main aims was to destroy what the treaty of Versailles had created, including, the country of Czechoslovakia. After the Austrian-Germany Anchluss in March 1938Hitler turned his full attention to Czechoslovakia. This is when the Czechoslovakian crisis which led to the Munich agreement began. Hitler started to mobilize his troops so he could invade Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain (The British prime Minster) in hopes of preventing war flew over to Germany in hopes of finding a peaceful solution. The first meeting was successfully in Chamberlains point of view as Hitler was willing to not invade if the Sudatenland ( a region of Czechoslovakia full of German people) was given to Germany. Chamberlain agreed to this after speaking with France and the British cabinet. It should be noted however that many people in the British government and France opposed this idea like Winston Churchill. Churchill thought that we should of stuck up for Czechoslovakia and if necessary gone to war with Germany ( at this time Churchill and others were part of minority view point). Chamberlain flew over to Germany yet again in what he thought would be his last time ever to seal the deal But things took a turn during this meeting. Too Chamberlains astonishment Hitler said he could not accept these terms and that he had decide to invade Czechoslovakia. Hitler fully expected the full support of the German people but to his surprise his citizens appeared not to want to go to war. Chamberlain in a last bid for

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