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Management is considered as a art by some and focussed as a science by others. Management is a process used to accomplish organisation goals. In this article it is discussed in detail about the relationship between the early management innovators ideas and theories towards the modern management thinking. In the early days the concept of management was followed in different ways but when we compare it to the existing modern management ideas and practices it can be seen that they been created a long back by the early management pioneers. Early management pioneers have a lot of contribution to the current management ideas and practice followed in any kind of organisation. (Robbins, Bergman, Stagg & Coultor, 2006, pp-6-20) Construction of pyramids and the existence of the major economic trade centre in the 1400’s in the city of Venice are good examples of early management prevalence. (Bartol, Tein, Mathew, & Sharma, 2007, p-40) Bartol et al says new ideas however do not emerge from nowhere. They normally arise from a foundation of established ideas. He also stated that history is important and knowing the origins of particular ideas and theories helps to understand the foundation for emerging ideas and theories in the modern management. Some of the preclassical pioneers responsible for the foundation of the modern management ideas and thinking will be discussed throughout this article. Early contributors for the management theory Bartol et al examined the work of the early pioneer’s contribution and classified them as preclassical management contributors. Some of the contributors and their pioneering ideas are Robert Owen (1771-1858) Robert Owen a successful British entrepreneur anticipated the value of human relation. He was more concerned on the employees working condition and living condition. This is a basic concept of human relation management in

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