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Kuelap is also known as the lost kingdom of the Chachapoyas culture, which was discovered in 1843, by John Crisostomo Nieto, a Chachapoyas judge. Kuelap is similar to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu is built with massive stones which is similar to Kuelap. Kuelap contains more than four hundred buildings so does Machu Picchu. In contrast to Machu Picchu, the Kuelap houses were made in cylindrical shape with geometric decorations. Kuelap is one of the amazing and breathtaking landmark in Chachapoyas which is located at the summit of a hill that rises on the left bank of the Utcubamba. It is situated at 3000 meters above sea level. Some people believe that It could have been built to defend against the Huari or other hostile peoples, but other people believe that in that place the Incas used to store their harvests, they used it like a storehouse. . There are two levels or platforms within the complex. The first level is accessed by three portals, the principal portal is located in the southern side of the frontispiece. It is 3 meters wide at its base and is flanked by high walls, resembling an alleyway. This narrows sharply as it rises, culminating in a space large enough for one person to enter, forming the shape of a slice of pie. In the first level lived the poor and middle class people, And in the second level, it could be basically a pre-Inca sanctuary. A powerful aristocracy lived in it, whose primary mission was to administer food production and provide religious leadership. Also ,There are three structures that stand out from the hundreds of others within the complex such as The Inkwell, The Torreon, The Castle. 1 The Inkwell: is a structure at the southern end of the biggest Anden .According to the archaeologist Julio Rodríguez, the inkwell has the shape of a bottle and it was the main temple that fulfilled a religious role, being the scene of

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